Moulon mesocentre

The foundations of this project rest upon the decision of two institutions, CentraleSupelec and ENS Paris-Saclay, to pool their computing resources within the Paris-Saclay University, host them at IDRIS and set up a common support team.

This project was motivated by two reasons :

  • The first one concern economies of scale, extensibility of the system and eco-responsible pooling.
  • The second reason is to allow the experimentation, the adjustment and then the consolidation of the establishment of shared computing resources between institutions, with a particular attention given to (i) the organization of an efficient and proximity support structure, gathering engineers and technicians currently in charge of the HPC facilities on the two establishments and (ii) the setting up of a joint scientific animation based on the exchange of skills and know-how between the different disciplines.

The mesocentre is intended to increase its computing capabilities and open itself to researchers from other institutions as well as industrial companies.

It is funded by the Contrat Plan État Région (CPER).

Benefiting from the environment of the Paris-Saclay University, the mesocenter aims to create a space for scientific exchanges and to contribute to the emergence of high-performance computing strategies and projects between different actors of the Paris-Saclay University.


Support team:

Moulon mesocenter is part of Mésocentre Paris Saclay